11 May 2007

South African Court: Men cannot be raped

I was horrofied when I read about the Court's ruling about men rape. In a country where rape of both men and women, boys and girls is so very common - I am deeply disappointed about this incredible narrow minded decision.

How can it be that sodomising a woman against her will
can be classified as rape and forced sodomy of a men can't? With all do respect, but in what way does a female anus differ from a male bum, apart from belonging to a woman's body? In what way is forced sodomy of a woman worse than forced sodomy of a man? In both cases, it entails the same horrific deed with the same humiliating, traumatising impact. I am a 100% sure that a male victim of anal rape is just as much violated and hurt as his female counterpart. And maybe even more so due to the heavy taboo that still rests on male rape worldwide.

To me, anyone who with the use of force shoves his privates into someone - no matter what hole, no matter if the victim is a man or a woman - is a rapist.

Miriam Mannak, Africa in the News / Cape Town, South Africa